Safenergy provides on-demand expertise for industrial mobility strategies

Safenergy is an innovative company and leading advisor in industrial strategies to quickly deploy efficient, intuitive and technologically-advanced mobile Apps specifically designed by hands-on people for hands-on people for control rooms, remote operating centers, engineering management and corporate management.

Safenergy develops mobility projects for international industrial groups.

Our program aims to deliver mobile services for operational activities performed by any worker on an industrial site or while on the move.

We focus on employee efficiency, asset performance and longevity, process modernization and safety.

    Pre-Built Mobile Apps and available templates


    Increase in employee efficiency

    x 10

    Acceleration of Mobile App deployment


    Reduction in equipment costs


    Reduction in non-conformity close-out time

    ÷ 10

    IT costs vastly reduced



    One team, great alchemy


    Our team has supervised complex industrial worksites in the Oil&Gas, Renewable Energy and Construction sectors all over the world.

    We work for Shell, Total, Acergy, Vestas and many other companies.

    We have conducted maintenance, due diligence, technical inspection and QHSE management operations.

    We know what workers need, how they work and how they behave with a smartphone in their hands.


    Our innovative project brings together experts from industry, software, artificial intelligence, innovation and technology.

    We accelerate our clients’ digital transformation through strategic guidance and collaborative innovation.

    We aim to improve profitability and employee efficiency, reduce risks to your assets and improve asset performance.


    Our team of IT specialists from a variety of backgrounds can quickly and effectively understand your needs and provide advice on your projects.

    Our turnkey plugins help you to design the architecture and test real-life scenarios using Mobile Apps generated by our Platform.

    Hit the ground running with our pre-built App templates

    The Safenergy App Builder Platform has already led to the development of highly sophisticated Mobile Apps in various industries and types of business.

    Using our pre-built App templates, you just need to customize the design, integrate your standard documents and business processes, set up advanced features according to your needs… then deploy.

    By default, each App configured using our Platform provides highly sophisticated features and works off-line.  You will be up and running in only a few days!

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