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We offer several consulting services and packages in Mobile Apps design, SMART App Builder concepts and innovation.

Build your Mobile Apps – No programming

This program helps you to explore ALL the technical challenges related to the design, building and deployment of mobile apps dedicated to workers in the field.

Digitizing ALL business processes and standard documents for workers throughout an organization is very challenging. You need to make the right choices from the start.

We offer you access to our Mobile Apps Builder Platform to help question your ideas and concepts, build and test Apps in various domains, develop Proofs of Concept and carry out field tests with workers.


Your challenges


  • I need mobile apps in maintenance, commissioning, equipment inspection, inventory, safety or elsewhere…
  • We have too many mobile apps everywhere, too great a variety of systems to maintain, too many databases… We need just ONE SINGLE SYSTEM.
  • I want to conduct mobile app tests on industrial sites, remote sites, in difficult environments where there is no connectivity
  • Our company is behind with digital transformation and deployment of mobile apps

How we can meet your needs


  • Deploy highly intuitive and sophisticated mobile apps requiring no programming in only a few days
  • Gain precious time, save resources and accelerate your digital transformation
  • Cut IT costs. Save up to a full year of IT development compared to traditional methods

Advice on smart mobility concepts


Building a mobile app is not innovative in itself; nor is digitizing business processes.

The near future lies in the SMART generation of mobile apps. SMART generation means that mobile apps for workers in the field are automatically and intelligently built using Artificial Intelligence processes and data analytics.

We are pioneers in this field and have built a test bench to allow you to compare your existing systems with the needs of industry in the near future.

Your challenges


  • What are Smart App Builder Platforms and Smart App Generators?
  • I need to acquire knowledge in mobile app building concepts for employees including architecture, logic, UX design and more…
  • I need to improve our existing IT systems and identify potential gaps in our digital transformation strategy.
  • I want to develop fresh impetus and ideas for our digital approach.

How we can meet your needs

  • Understanding of the mechanisms for intelligent generation of Mobile Applications.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence processes in the analysis of “Human big data”.
  • Interfacing of human- and machine-generated data.

Problem solving


Building a high-performance Mobile Application for operators is complex.

Building several to meet the needs of several operational themes is a genuine technical and technological challenge.

The risk of error (poor ergonomics, inappropriate integration of forms, insufficient functions…) is high.

There are many questions to answer: integration, consolidation of heterogeneous data, management of different applications that do not communicate between each other.

In a constantly-changing technological context, any solution that is developed can quickly become obsolete.

Don’t take any more risks! Safenergy will enable you to resolve your technological problems rapidly and to accelerate the availability of very-high-performance Mobile Applications for your workforce.

Why should I choose this package ?


  • I’m behind schedule and I want to accelerate the development or the deployment of a Mobile Application in maintenance, technical inspection …
  • I’m aiming at operational performance, high ROI, faster project development.
  • I need to develop a highly intuitive and ergonomic solution that focuses on the User Experience (UX).

How we can meet your needs


  • Speed up the deployment of your mobility strategy tenfold.
  • Help you produce your list of specifications.
  • Help you design, develop and launch your Mobile Apps.
  • Ensure that Quality and Operational Excellence are at the heart of your solution.
  • Focus on profitability.

Innovation guidance


There’s a lot of talk about the industry of the future!

In this process, the concept of digital transformation is often limited to ideas like the Smart Factory”, the “Internet of Things”, data mining and big data, orientated exclusively towards the “mobile” or “intelligent” management of industrial assets and machines.

Operators and technicians on worksites seem to have been completely forgotten in this transformation whereas changing from using paper to using a smartphone is a highly complex process.

Together, let’s put operational staff back at the heart of your industrial process.

Why should I choose this package ?


  • I want to understand how my company can make the most of data collected by operators.
  • I want to explore operator behavior and its impact on our industrial assets and operations.
  • I want to get up to speed with concepts such as Business Intelligence, “Human” Big Data, Human to Human (HtoH) data…
  • I’m interested in Smart App Building Concepts.

How we can meet your needs


  • We provide new concepts in digitizing the work of industrial operators.
  • We improve your IT teams’ knowledge of the digital operator and artificial intelligence applied to field data.
  • We help you to analyze your field data, consolidate it and integrate it into your IT systems.

Building task forces


We are experts in the conception, design and construction of platforms for the generation of Mobile Applications dedicated to industrial operators.

Our team of IT experts and our network of “task-specific” consultants is available to carry out your projects.


Why should I choose this package ?


  • We lack resources for our digital transformation project.
  • We don’t have the opportunity to stand back from our work. We need advice from both IT and task-specific specialists.
  • We do not have the necessary skills in design, architecture and construction of Mobile Applications for operators.

How we can meet your needs


  • Accelerate your digital transformation project by putting together a team of specialists.
  • Create a made-to-measure Mobile Application Model developed by an expert in your field.
  • Improve your IT teams’ knowledge of the generation of intelligent Mobile Applications and processing of human data.


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