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Safety Culture & High Performance

How much time do you waste managing your action plans in Excel?

How much information do you lose by gathering all your data in paper documents?

How many incidents you could avoid if non-conformities were detected immediately and by everyone on site?



“As part of Razel-Bec’s digitization process, we have developed a QHSE decision support tool based on the Safenergy platform.

Safenergy enabled us to configure and deploy a Mobile Application that facilitates worksite visits, feedback of observations about both dangerous situations and good practices and the running of QSE awareness workshops.

Their approach to industrial mobility and their innovative solution provides an efficient method of configuring the application that is in accordance with our approach to risk, taking account of the company’s organization and the diversity of our activities.

The modularity of the Safenergy mobile solution enables us to cover a great variety of situations and provides the opportunity for a very wide range of complementary developments.

This approach reduces data input time and accelerates data acquisition and consolidation, thus making us more efficient in QSE risk prevention.”

Daniel Soldini

  Customized Applications based on your values!

1. Digitize your QHSE document system and switch from “paper” to the Mobile App.

2. Use our turnkey modules to accelerate your digitization process.

3. Switch immediately to industrial mobility and deploy High Performance Apps .

QHSE Training & Safety Awareness


Toolbox Talks and Safety Workshops

Golden Rules systems & Best Practices

Behavior-Based Safety


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Safety Observations & Safety Visits

Non-conformities & Action plans

Safety Management Visits

 Safety events (UA, UC, NM…)


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Risk Analysis


Last Minute Risk Assessment

Risks in the workplace

All types of Prevention & EMR Plans


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Safety Action Plans


Action points and punch-lists follow-up

Real-time and collaborative



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Audits and Certifications


 Digitization of all types of audit guidelines

Scoring systems

100% Automated reports & Dashboards


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Technical Inspections


All types of industrial assets & equipment

All types of workplaces and production sites

100% Automated reports & Dashboards

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Permit To Work Systems


All permits: Lifting, Work at height, hot…

Work authorizations

Access authorizations


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Apps for Major Industrial Projects


Custom Apps for dedicated projects

Inclusion of subcontrators safety management

Remote project & team monitoring


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Environmental Impact Assessment

Regulatory compliances & Audits

Waste & Environmental Incidents Management


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Safenergy offers turnkey QHSE modules that enable you to quickly provide your employees with High Performance Applications. These apps allow the data to be collected in the field, without an Internet connection. 

The time and cost savings are considerable compared to traditional development methods (IT services companies, internal IT development).

Digitization of ALL your

Permit to Work Systems & QHSE Plans

The implementation of Permit to Work Systems involves different actors inside or outside the company and follows a process that can sometimes be complicated.

Permit to Work can be numerous and specific to your operations: authorizations to enter confined spaces or areas with an explosive atmosphere, authorizations to access structures, permits for lifting or working at height, work on electrical installations, fire permits…

A lot of data needs to be entered in the field and each operator has an appropriate interface on a smartphone for immediate access to the relevant data entry areas.

Above, we present how a Lifting  Permit to Work System has been digitized for Smartphone and Web use, for both on-field capture and customer administration and management of work permits.

Safenergy allows you to integrate all your QHSE documents in the same way as this process : Prevention Plans  Work Authorizations 


Digitization of your QSE

observation sheets 

From the Mobile APP to monitoring of your action plans!

From the Mobile App to a 100% Automatic Report!

 From the Mobile App to your dashboards and statistics!

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