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“Prevention is better than cure”



SAFENERGY is a highly customizable digital solution enabling you to build your own Mobile COVID-19 BCP APP in only a few hours!

Using your own COVID forms, based either on the preventative measures decreed by public authorities or on good practice guidance from professional organizations, our interface enables you to integrate, dematerialize and structure all your COVID-related actions in an intuitive and powerful Mobile App that everyone can use.

SAFENERGY is a very economical and effective means to rapidly deploy your own Mobile App and to provide everyone with proof of the action you have taken.


The COVID-19 BCP App in detail

An App for whom ? And why ?

For COVID representatives, QHSE managers, team leaders, supervisors, technicians.

A tool to manage the COVID risk on an everyday basis.

1- To make people aware of protective measures.

2- To deploy digital training programs (quizzes / mobile-learning).

3- To analyze COVID risks.

4- To make job handover safe.

5- To alert when a COVID risk is detected or in case of a non-conformity.

6- To carry out COVID inspections and audits.

For company heads and directors.

Sustainable behavioral modification and business continuity.

1- To reassure employees.

2- To cope with new COVID regulatory obligations.

3- To reduce additional COVID-related costs.

4- To provide proof of concrete actions carried out by my teams.

5- To avoid uncontrolled COVID-related situations and other shutdowns.

Change from “paper” to smartphone

in only a few hours !

Your advisory and other documents…

… digitized and structured in a high-performance App..


… useable by everyone, wherever they are, with or whithout an Internet connection…


… facilitating data reporting, management and analysis.


The performance of a professional App

that is just as good as those from

major companies !

You have advisory documents from the public authorities or from your professional organization? Sheets explaining preventative measures? Checklists? Training quizzes?

You would like to digitize your own COVID forms?

Use our digitization solutions to become operational on smartphone right away!

1– From your own information sources (advisory documents, professional organizations, etc.).

2– It is very simple to digitize your own forms or to adapt our sample forms, depending on your needs.

3– You can rest assured that each digitized form conforms to the prevention measures decreed by the public authorities.

4– You can validate each form before use and you can easily adapt your App to regulatory modifications.

5– If required, we can provide you with a very efficient and economical “accelerated digitization” service.

Helping you cope with the COVID challenge…

Awareness-raising & training sessions using mobile learning

Checks - Inspections - Audits

Risk analyses - Job handover

Restarting business activities - Authorizations to work

Alerts - Disparities - Observations

Management of action plans

Planning - Mission orders

Monitoring - Statistics - Analysis

Immediate return on investment thanks to

“plug & play”

1- Deployment of your App in just a few days.

2- Autonomy of configuration.

3- Significant savings in IT costs.

4- Other modules and themes (QHSE, inspections, audit, certifications, etc.) can easily be added.

5- Tariffs adapted to your requirements and the number of users.

Why use an App rather than a

“paper” management system ?










Real-time monitoring



The COVID-19 BCP solution


From €24.50 / month / Covid representative (*) (excl. VAT)

(*) or other person responsible for Covid prevention in your company.


COVID awareness-raising and training
Access to our examples of modifiable Covid forms:

✔ 8 forms to help increase awareness of preventative measures,

✔ 10 forms relating to Covid training and instructions,

✔ 10 personalizable mobile-learning quizzes,

✔ 1 complete system for feedback of Covid observations and non-conformities,

✔ 2 alert forms: “statement of stoppage/shut down by a client” – “statement of failure by a service-provider”.



✔ Validation of each form by your employees,

✔ Proof of your Covid-related actions and support with monitoring,

✔ Unlimited rights to personalize your forms.

Once launched, your App can evolve to include many other themes, all based on the same principle of configuration, navigation and operation.

Modify your App on-line thanks to the functions for modifying or adding forms, modules, themes and advanced functions.






        Exemples of COVID BCP forms

        Other modules (QHSE – inspections – certifications…)

    Types of documents & processus


    Health, Safety, Environment & Security management

    Permits to work, collaborative documents…

    Operations, worksite folders, technical folders

    Inspections & reference documents for certification

    Inspections & certifications of technical or industrial equipment

    Inspections of premises

    Industrial maintenance forms


    Modification of examples of COVID BCP forms

    Modification of COVID BCP module

    Configuration of other modules – project structures

    Configuration of reference lists

    Configuration of teams


    Mobile App – IOS & Android

    “Off-line” mode

    History and consultation of completed forms

    Print PDF version of forms

    XLS Export

    Action plans – Non-conformities – Observations

    Consolidated PDF Reports


    Planning – Mission orders


    Help by email

    Help by phone


    Configuration of modules

    Integration of forms

    Training services

    PREMIUM services




    100% editable

    9h – 17h




    100% editable


    9h – 17h

    Enter your data while on the move

    1 – Operational situation

    2 – Choice of actions


    3- Data entry


    Produce effective repports

    1 – Example: “Alerts” menu

    2 – Data entry


    3 – Automatic consolidation of your data into a report


    Usable on PCs and Smartphones

    No money will be debited from your banker’s card until you have validated your subscription


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