Mobile Application

Do your operators waste too much time on the field? Do they need to generate clear reports quickly? Do you want to improve your vision on construction site operations?


Safenergy’s Mobile Applications have all the features (agenda, action plans, alerts, history …) and all the advantages (simplicity of use, offline operation, use in hostile field conditions) desired by your operators.


Each of your employees accesses a Mobile App “that looks like him”, personalized for his job and whose design is specific to his work environment. In addition, they can be guided in their missions by the administrators and / or supervisors who can load all the informations they deem relevant in the Applications of operators.


Our Applications allow you to dematerialize your activities in the field, be it Informing, Controlling, Intervening or Planning, according to the ICIP® concept developed by Safenergy. Your data is secure and accessible offline!


In addition, our solution allows you to maintain an effective quality management system; keeping track of your entries; by allowing the signature of your computer documents and the monitoring of your projects by all the actors concerned.



• Technical training courses

• Random procedures and modes

• Site inspections and equipment

• Preventive and curative maintenance

• Technical audits

• Technical non-conformities

• Quality control plan

• Productivity monitoring



• Training & Security Minutes

• Monitoring of deviations (“near incident”) and action plans

• Incident / accident reporting

• Instructions, rules and regulations

• Emergency exercises

• QHSE audits

Operations Support


• HR score

• On-site inventories (equipment, PPE, vehicles, etc.)

• Site security (rounds, inspections)

• Preparation of “Project” documents

• Subcontractor management

• Procedures & operating methodes

• Intrervention & reporting documents

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