Design Studio

Safenergy’s solution offers a design studio that allows you to build from scratch and then generate and deploy 100% customized Mobile Applications in a very short time and for each of your industrial projects.


Your business is facing a changing business environment !


We rely on the agility and flexibility of our platform that allows a tailor-made design of your Mobile Applications regardless of operational issues.


The Safenergy team accompanies you, advises you and offers turnkey services. Our studio allows you to create your Industrial Mobile Applications independently, modify them, enrich them and make them evolve over time. .



The design studio allows the configuration of as many Mobile Applications as necessary on a large number of topics: Technical inspections, maintenance, audit, QHSE management, etc. This feature is particularly suitable for organizations that have several trades or industrial activities, many kinds of equipment to inspect or a multitude of projects in different parts of the world.

Create your first App in 2 steps


Step 1: structuring and graphic design


A graphic design, simple and adapted, is an important performance vector for your organization. It provides easy access to the entire document system required in the field in a few clicks.


Create the summary and structure of your App and access our library of pictograms to illustrate it according to :

Your industrial environment (Oil & Gas, construction, renewable energy, electricity, energy ..)

Your themes (equipment, materials or machines, security …)

The level of required details (industrial components, sub-components …)

The design studio allows at any time to enrich your Mobile Applications and to create new MODULES on new themes :

Step 2: digitalize your operational documents

Your document system, your “workbooks” are dematerialized and attached to each of your projects. They become available through an ultra-intuitive graphical interface for your operators.

Exemple: list of digital documents in a Safenergy Mobile Application on the “Security / Asbestos”

Quality Safety Environment: Charters, talks, risk analysis before intervention, instructions and operating modes

Worksite opening, withdrawal plan, air-conditioning report, function register, entry / exit register

Material and PPE management, consumables, harness allocation, scaffold receipt …

Controls and implementations: PV of fluid recording, PV of electrical installation control, control of containment, Aeraulic measures, Control of the air compressor, Record of Follow-up of the Intervention, Daily Workbook, Daily visual checks, PV of reception of construction site

Exhibition tracking

Waste tracking and certificates of conformity (BSDA …)

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