Start your industrial mobility project


Safenergy offers a fast, intuitive and secure solution to dematerialize your industrial processes and provide your employees a dedicated Mobile Applications that integrate all their “business” document.

We guarantee a rapid transition to mobility regardless of the progress of your digital project.

Our software platform allows us to customize Mobile Applications for technicians, site managersquality, safety prevention inspectors & auditors/experts in the industry.

Every day, your employees save time on their interventions, report qualified and accurate field data and create real-time inspection reports. The team manager can manage each project remotely with great ease and an increased vision of operations.


Our solution is composed by:

•  A WEB Platform (Design studio and templates library) allowing a purely accelerated “industrial Business Applications” creation; considering them as very intuitive and highly technical for operators.
• A « Mobile Application » interface for mobility monitoring related to industrial projects, installations controls, field-data centralization and automatic reports generation.

trio App/Tablette/Plateforme


The phases of designing your Mobile Applications, structuring your themes, integrating your “paper” documents can be entirely managed by Safenergy, exempting you from time-consuming and costly Specifications and Steering Committee.



Your employees use a high-performance “business” Mobile Application within 15 days from the date of receipt of your “paper” documents.



The ownership is immediate and allows each employee to access his operational documents with or without an internet connection (photo management, signatures, alerts, action plans, task tracking, etc…) and to navigate in a 100% dedicated to his work environment interface.



The solution provides a complete traceability of all “field” actions. Safenergy allows you to gain efficiency thanks to the automatic inspection reports generation,  highly qualified data reporting  and provides efficient management tools.



Your projects are evolving, so are your Mobile Applications. You retain complete autonomy in the management and administration of your Mobile Applications.


Our solution also allows to cover your mobility needs regarding the following topics

•  Technical inspection and industrial maintenance
•  QHSE Prevention – Safety Management
•  Audit & certifications

The SAFENERGY solution in one of the most intuitive and complete (in terms of operational features availability) of the related market. We offer much more advanced opportunities for data analysis and operational excellence. As an example, all the data collected from the field by our platform can be linked to the digital model (BIM – Building Information Modeling).
Our turnaround times in documents dematerialization and operational processes (configuration, field deployment) are the shortest on the market.