Preventing risks in your company is a real challenge. The available tools often lack simplicity and are not addressed to the workers, site managers and operators who are nevertheless the first concerned. The heaviness of the documentary system, the lack of traceability, the waste of time, the mobility of the teams are additional problems, commonly mentioned.

SAFENERGY finally brings an answer with its new Mobile App for smartphones SafetyTAB“. This App offers a complete, turnkey and very cost-effective security management system which also provides strategic functionalities for business leaders: automatic traceability, collaborative action plans, real-time reporting.

SafetyTAB was born in oilfields‘ heart, in the most isolated and hostile environments. The App offers a simple, pragmatic method based on proven practices in industry and in the field.

Some Innovative Uses: A Canadian company, Qualitas Inc., uses SafetyTAB to manage the safety of an oilfield construction site. The Calgary-based manager oversees his project based in Iraq.

SafetyTAB is currently used by the Total Group in the drilling sector, for the conduct of innovative experiments and for the remote control of mobile teams.

Other companies consult SAFENERGY for their maintenance operations, to prepare for certifications or simply to enter a safety process.

Available in French and English, SafetyTAB works on all types of media (PC, smartphone tablet), with or without a connection. The App will soon be downloadable on the App Store and Galaxy Apps.

Pierre Fourcade
CEO – Safenergy Systems – Industrial Mobile Apps

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