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Our project is in line with the Digital Engineers of the future, the decision analysis, the Building Information Model (BIM) and distance monitoring of industrial operations in remote / hostile areas.

In few years, industrial projects will be prepared differently. Mobility needs of each user will be systematically taken into account during project preparation phasis in order to reach Operational Excellence.

We intend to prove that :

• Most of the Specific Solutions designed for field operators / Engineers can be replaced by a SINGLE system
• Our solution is one of the most intuitive of its kind and can allow remote or hostile areas projects distance monitoring.
• Data generated by our Platform is more accurate and can be better consolidated to improve decision analysis
• Data generated by our Platform can further contribute to Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Solution Safenergy

Mobile Apps generated by the Platform are very intuitives and highly technical. They work in all kind of environment with our without internet connection.

Major customers have a full access to the Platform, they are fully autonomous to administrate and configure as much Apps as they need for each industrial project.

From a GANTT or from an SAP / GMAO system, the Platform generate automatically a number of turnkey Mobile Apps customized to feed the needs of each individual field user. A Quality Control Plan helps managers to follow the completion of work orders.

With Safenergy, one single platform can adress all field issues.

It means that your organization avoid dangerous multiplication of heterogeneous solutions in the workplace, attached IT development expenses, conception delays, field deployment, training and maintenance costs.

With Safenergy platform, organization can accelerate by 10 their digital transition, deploy performant mobile Apps in minutes and increase by 25% the productivity level of each user. They improve their decision analysis and better prepare the future of the field operators.


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