Deploy highly user-friendly, technical mobile apps in next to no time

User-friendly mobile apps help you create smart data from all human field interventions.

Detected from sensors but also from employees in the field (engineers, technicians, operatives…).

This mass of data is neither centralized not correlated with asset data, not interfaced with computerized industrial planning systems (CMMS…).

Furthermore, it is not shared with others involved in the project and it cannot be processed in real time.

Safenergy Mobile Apps respond to these needs by offering a mobile Platform, a UNIQUE interface and a CENTRALIZED database for all field data.

Apps are very easy to use (training requires < 30 minutes) and highly versatile, being suitable for all field operations.


• Technical training courses

• Random procedures and modes

• Site inspections and equipment

• Preventive and curative maintenance

• Technical audits

• Technical non-conformities

• Quality control plan

• Productivity monitoring

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

• Training & Safety Minutes

• Deviations, incidents, field observations

• Action plans, risk analyses

• Instructions, rules and regulations

• Emergency exercises

• QHSE audits and much more…

Operations Support

• HR score

• On-site inventories (equipment, PPE, vehicles, etc.)

• Site security (rounds, inspections)

• Preparation of “Project” documents

• Subcontractor management

• Procedures & operating methods

• Intervention & reporting documents

Time Optimization

Easy field data collection and centralization of information.


Use our web application on all types of operating systems and our mobile application on Android and IOS.

Offline Mode

No Internet access? Our solution allows local work in case of network failure.

PDF Report

Create semi-automated feedback reports at the end of inspections and save valuable time.

Digital Documents

Dematerialize all your forms with our editing studio – Insert date fields, signature fields, GPS or RFID tags or metadata.

Collaborative Work

Your site documents accessible in a few clicks – Teams can share documents and action plans.


Create alerts, notifications, alarms for your teams.

Action Plan

Monitor your lists of nonconformities, speed up your action plans.

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