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In terms of management systems and continuous improvement, the gap between theory (written procedures) and practice (the use of company standards by operators in the field) is sometimes important.
Mobile Applications can greatly facilitate the implementation of a process of operational excellence and safety culture on the site. Yet they must be well designed, thought and architectured.
The simplicity, the accessibility, the ergonomics, the knowledge of the trade, the quality of the forms, their design, their size are determining factors, but not only.

Integrating universal quality concepts into the heart of the operation of your Mobile Applications may seem a little abstract but this is both possible and fundamental.

The architecture and organization of your Mobile Mobile App must be designed according to the main quality principles that are at the heart of all management and certification systems.
PDCA, ISHIKAWA, Bird Pyramid, Reason Model, Pareto Law, 5S, Bow Ties are all concepts that can be integrated into the same Mobile Application.

These concepts will allow the implementation of a continuous improvement strategy, at the pace of each user.

A Mobile App well structured around these concepts will “do the job” alone. This job hitherto depended on a Prevent, a Manager or a natural person, certainly involved, but who did not have the same penetration force as a Mobile App.
The integration of these qualitative concepts goes hand in hand with another way to design your App, the Apps Generator.

Today, the time is no longer an App coded specifically for a project, a job, a problem. Time is up to the generation of custom mobile apps, on the fly …

Platforms exist, they offer the faculty, by simple configuration, to build as many Mobile Applications as necessary.
These platforms, shared, offer a growing base of features, at the pace of the improvements developed for each client. Accessible anywhere in the world and secure, they guarantee the partitioning and security of your data.
The performance and Operational Excellence of your industrial projects today comes from your ability to offer a package tailored to each subsidiary of the Group, a set of Apps tailored for each project of the subsidiary, an App, one or more modules dedicated to each operator and optimized according to the level of qualification of each user (worker or manager).
It’s precision, adaptability and quality that will boost the performance of your projects and make your interventions more reliable.

Pierre Fourcade
CEO – Safenergy Systems – Industrial Mobile Apps

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