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At the time of the Future Industry, Digital Technician and Application Performance Management is it possible to go further, towards Operational Excellence?
The answer may come from Industrial Mobile Application Generation Platforms (also known as Application Plants) that can generate, by simple configuration, as many “operational” Mobile Applications as necessary.
To say this, that it is possible to deploy not 1 or 10, but 100, and tomorrow 1000 different Mobile Applications for the piloting of a single large industrial project, necessarily involves 1. the reasons for doing so; 2. costs.

1- Concerning the reasons: an Applis Factory can now generate a Mobile App customized for each type of industrial operator according to his profile: maintenance technician, technical inspector or auditor, site manager, works supervisor, SPS coordinator …. With a dedicated Mobile App, each project actor becomes individually much more efficient. It has access to an operational document system of its own and to features designed for it, for its business and its needs (time saving, compliance with operational procedures, accelerated and collaborative processing of non-compliances …).

The current problems of the construction site can also be integrated, such as the control of subcontractors, the security of operations at risk, the follow-up of Down-Time. The feedback of qualified “field” data will allow a more precise monitoring as well as the optimization of the project. Finally, depending on the project, other key themes can be easily integrated, for example Quality, Societal Management, Expatriate Safety or Local Content.

2 – Concerning costs: the main pitfall of Industrial Mobile Applications for technicians is often related to the design time, the drafting of specifications, and then to the development costs internally or via an IT services company. Added to this is the risk of developing Apps that are disconnected from operational, complex or uncomfortable needs that may ultimately not be used. Last, the collection and choice of “documents to dematerialize” and deployment times are usually brakes.

An Application Plant simplifies and speeds up each step of this process to achieve extremely short field deployment times (potentially less than 1 day!). Not to mention that a Platform also allows to test a large number of different versions of Applications before the final deployment, without risk of being wrong in the design with associated financial losses.

Agility and responsiveness therefore … Finally, by relying on a platform specialized in industrial mobility, IT departments of companies can focus all their energy on interfacing Mobile Apps with existing internal systems (SAP, GMAO ..) but also gathering, enriching and analyzing data from the field, thus playing an important role in Business Analytics.

To conclude, Industrial Mobile Application Generation Platforms offer all the digital features that an operator in the factory or on the job site is entitled to expect for the execution of his work. An Applied Factory does not offer 1 or 10 specific Apps but 100 Apps and potentially 1000 Apps because the Platforms are now moving towards Automatic and Accelerated Generation processes.

This innovation optimizes the upstream preparation of industrial projects, secures operations, increases productivity, facilitates remote project management, and reduces costs.

Pierre Fourcade
CEO – Safenergy Systems – Industrial Mobile Apps

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