Safenergy offers an adapted support, responding to problems of mobility and monitoring of the teams of the site (workers, temporary workers, team leaders, site managers, work leaders, QSE preventers …) in the wind energy sector (interventions, monitoring of construction sites, records, measures, controls, audit, maintenance, technical inspections).

As part of a QHSE initiative, it is important to avoid accidents at work. This limitation is possible by improving the inspection and maintenance processes. In this, risk management is important. Safenergy permits a better monitoring and a better management of wind sites.

Our solution delivers proven productivity gains of 25 percent and IT deployment costs are divided by 10. Simplifying and automating the day-to-day tasks of wind energy activities ensures the performance of your projects. This easy-to-implement solution is scalable on as many projects as you want.

The Safenergy platform enables you to dematerialize your workbook. All your inspection forms, deliverables, inspection of safety equipment (PPE, CPE, …) are available offline.


• Conduct your inspections of wind farm in a precise and organized way;

• Take up the different issues via an intuitive system of action points;

• Gap tracking module, tracking best practices and hazardous situations;

• Site visit module;

• QHSE management at work;

• Equipment Inspection Module;

• Auditing & certifications module.

All these modules are obviously editable and adaptable to your needs; you can also add your own creations via the design studio.

Our solution makes it possible to use all capitalized skills in order to limit risks on site (work at height, electricity, wind, etc.).

Your application will enable you to adapt and comply with all regulations in your evolving field.

Safenergy puts the issue of risk management at the center of its concerns, both in terms of physical consequences that management can cause than in terms of time management. Therefore, we offer you to be more secure on your sites while gaining performance.

Accidents are currently still too numerous on wind farms. Some sites are not in compliance with the standards in force.

The most frequent accidents on wind farms are blade rupture (39% of accidents), fires in the site (32%), collapse of the wind turbine (24%) and falling blades or blades elements (5%).

The collapse of a wind turbine is most often due to strong winds (48%), but sometimes to other minimal causes such as overspeed, a failed foundation, a critical offset, a failed weld, etc.

The blade breaks are often due to strong winds (27%) or lightning (15%), but other causes can occur such as overspeed, blade defect, failure of fixation, endurance, critical offset,…

The root causes of fire are often unknown but may be caused by an electrical failure, lightning, an external fire, a brake failure, an overheating, a fluid leak, maintenance,…

We have solid knowledge of the risks in the wind turbine environment: it is on the basis of this knowledge that our expert modules are developed to permit you to quickly deploy high performance applications in your field.


Safenergy helps to limit accidents by more thorough but faster inspections.

Thanks to Safenergy, you can, during your installation or inspection sites:

– Plan operations within your teams;

– Prepare and plan all required controls;

– Keep an eye on the progress of these tasks.

Your teams will be able to generate action points possibly accompanied by photos in case of failure, you will be informed at time and will be able to ensure the correction. In addition, the traceability of your interventions is assured!

In full knowledge of the risks related to the training, Safenergy creates and proposes accessible and modifiable checklists which have to be simply checked by the operator. This avoids incomplete safety inspections. As a supervisor, you can also know the level of individual and collective protection of your operators. Our solution can even go as far as controlling the proper functioning of your construction equipment (lifting, handling, …).

To resume, your document management linked to your project or construction site is integrated into your Mobile Application. Your installation, maintenance and inspection work are easier, more efficient and more secure. Field information is qualified and reported in real-time. Your operators and your projects achieve excellence thanks to a powerful digital strategy.