Safenergy as an answer to the photovoltaic area stakes.


Nowadays, construction sites related to green and novel (source of) energies are definitely numerous. Effectively, the amount of photovoltaic construction sites is constantly increasing, which unfortunately implies more work accidents, sometimes linked to maintenance problems and/or installations security failures.

However, the risks management shouldn’t be “declared guilty” considering this increase of activity. By the way, Safenergy makes sure the correct and proper management of photovoltaic construction sites. Indeed, as our solution is scalable, you can manage as many projects as you want with it.

Thereby, on top of the dematerialization of all your construction sites documentary systems, you make sure an efficient traceability of all the previous actions done and a real-time quality information gathering. You could also manage at the same time the security of your workers/construction sites.

We also purpose several modules optimized for activities related to photovoltaic construction sites, such as the following ones:

>  Accessories and gears;

>  Electricity;

>  Asbestos;

>  High-altitude work;

>  Personal protective gears;

>  Employees formations;

>  Maintenance.

Naturally, these modules could be chosen considering your needs, and used in addition with other ones which can be designed and created by our team in order to efficiently manage your mobile applications.

Safenergy also allows you to make a coherent mix with all the involved skills in order to considerably reduce construction sites inherent risks (Electricity, high-altitude work, asbestos suppressing, etc.).

By using Safenergy, you can equally transmit and manage your documents while being under a total, efficient and law compliant conformity against the numerous and changing constraints of your job area.

Risks management is effectively a key preoccupation of Safenergy crew, which is, considering the photovoltaic area, a tool leading to a huge time saving while being more efficient regarding security controls. These risks management plans provided by Safenergy are usable while the construction phase is ongoing, but also during maintenance phases. So, the result is more security on your construction sites and a huge time saving.

Following studies and figures published by the CONSUEL (Comité National pour la Sécurité des Usagers de l’Electricité) can’t be further discussed: the number of on-site incidents occurring on photovoltaic construction sites is still important while 8% of controlled structures are not in conformity with currently active laws.

The most recurring incidents are electrification and blazes, most of the time induced by lacks of qualifications from workers, of control steps or of conception precautions. As an example, during the installation process, the falling risks is an every-second parameter to consider, particularly while installing solar panels on individual residences. This risk is associated with dangerous factors such as the fact that workers are working at high-altitude while they were used to work on the ground. This environment change is most of the time associated with a heavy and bulky equipment to carry which, thanks to Safenergy, could be controlled more efficiently and optimized.

Safenergy permits while installations/constructions/inspections are ongoing to plan operations among the different concerned teams, to prepare all the required control processes and to direct the operations step by step while deploying action plans if necessary. All these action points are key elements to maintain an efficient workers security.



Facing the numerous risks potentially linkable to formations, Safenergy promotes a high level of simplicity and efficiency using pre-established check-lists directly usable by your employees. In order to definitely supress security omissions during operations. You can also verify the correct application of recommendations linked to individual protective gears specific to the high-altitude and/or asbestos-implying operations. Concerning your operational equipment such as construction engines, it can also be easily verified without omissions using the Safenergy solution.


Moreover, Safenergy upgrades the quality of the work done by your society. As an example, you can take pictures after your interventions in order to prove that everything was done correctly while respecting all the given specifications.


As a summary, your documentary system management linked to your projects/constructions is integrated to your mobile application. Your installation, maintenance, inspection projects are made easier, more efficient and more secured. Information from the operational workers are qualified, sorted out and gathered in real-time. Both your operational workers and construction sites reach excellency thanks to an efficient proper digital strategy.