ICIP® Quality Concept

          The ICIP® Quality concept, which has been designed and developed by Safenergy, is a Universal Quality Concept that could be compared to the PDCA one. This tool has been developed in order to allow you to increase your operational performance on industrial worksites.

          As a reminder, PDCA means Plan – Do – Check – Act, and is defined as a way to manage continuous improvements that have to be repeated as much as necessary in order to reach the aimed quality level. Thereby, the PDCA concepts is most of the time used under a clear and used-a-lot concept known as the Deming wheel, designed as a repetition of the four PDCA phases on an upward slope on which experiment and quality systems are an ascend help. As a better alternative to the PDCA concept considered as a standalone, the Deming wheel was used by Safenergy which took and adapted this concept on the purpose to highlight its Mobile App utility to push the Application Performance Management further in recent years.

          Indeed, ICIP® means Inspect – Control – Intervene – Plan. By the way, when an industry-scale mission is achieved, the first step would be an accurate inspection. This one allows to verify that the work provided is conform regarding initial given specifications, but also to make sure that objectives are correctly reached.

          As a second step, a control one would be performed, which allows to act and perform actions in order to supress as much as possible identified deltas between the achieved work and objectives/specs. Finally, planification helps to determinate when actions would have to be done in order to reach objectives and specifications if not reached initially.

          Considering a managerial point of view, this concept is a way to increment the organisation with a continuous improvement system that became possible by ICIP® Quality Concept.

          Quality management is one of the key issues for organisations. Indeed, all methods designed to efficiently reach clients, order givers and others stakeholders’ satisfaction have to be considered. That is in this way that Safenergy can provide solutions founded on ICIP® Quality Concept, and by the way efficiently improve your business activity.

          Also, because the quality approach is included in the Safenergy’s Solution, field operators are able to work with a tool that provide inherent quality methods. Obviously, they would be able to increase their capacity to satisfy their organisations and clients’ requirements.

          Mobile Apps powered by Safenergy link Quality to Industrial Mobile Apps.

          Indeed, these Mobile Apps integrate work methods facilitating mobility and field data feedback. It allows both to reproduce the same process between construction sites thanks to scalability and an important time saving, allowing teams to face increasing work charges. Thus, you guarantee the operational excellence of your industrial projects!

          It brings you motions of maintainability (capacity to quickly correct errors discovered by the inspection phases), but also the possibility to pool collected information. In terms of scalability, Safenergy facilitates scaling by automating the operators work according to principles similar to those of Lean Management, allowing by the way a work standardization by reproducing an identic Mobile App (same modules of control points) from a working site to another.

          Thus, Safenergy solution aims to optimize your organisation internal processes while registering it in a quality management procedure that is simplified and efficient.