Discover the Park Management project, winner of the 2017 ReadyNov Award!

We are pleased to announce that our Park Management project, the result of the collaboration of 3 companies (4Op, Safenergy and 8.2), convinced the ReadyNov jury and obtained a grant from the Region for its innovation and futuristic vision! Our teams work on the themes of the Future Industry and the Digital Operator on industrial sites.

Park Management, a solution for players in the renewable energy sector

Park Management is a mobile and interactive solution that aims to optimize the parks management, improve on-site performance and collaborative management (multi-stakeholder) of industrial projects. Intuitive, tailor-made tool, it is a must in the development of a digitalization and mobility strategy. Dedicated to wind energy as a first step, we plan to adapt this software solution to players in other renewable energy (RE) markets such as photovoltaics, hydraulics, methanation or marine renewable energies


Led by Pierre Fourcade, Safenergy’s main activity is the publishing of software and mobile applications. Founded in 2006, Safenergy was originally a consulting company in the oil industry. Today, it operates in various sectors: wind energy, electricity, oil and construction. The Park Management project allows it to enter the renewable energy sector. Safenergy is based in Montpellier.

8.2 France

An independent, franchised company with the 8.2 international group based in Germany, 8.2 France has been based in France since 2007 and has recognized expertise in the field of renewable energies. 8.2 France acts as a consulting, expertise and support company for the maintenance of energy production farms mainly in onshore and photovoltaic wind energy. The company is starting to position itself on offshore wind projects, anaerobic digestion or new markets. 8.2 France is based in Castelnau-le-Lez and is headed by Bruno Allain.


Start-up created in 2016, the 40p company is fully focused on the digital applied to the renewable energy market. Its activity consists mainly in the creation and distribution of software to improve the management of wind farms, increase their performance and their lifespan. The company 4Op is based in Castelnau-le-Lez; it is directed by Bruno Allain. Pierre Fourcade CEO – Safenergy Systems – Industrial Mobile Apps

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