Digital Transformation in an industrial context

Corporation mobility and mobile applications

Entering in the novel numeric era, digital transformation becomes a real stake to be considered, particularly in any industrial context. Nowadays, think and/or conceive the industrial advocations evolution without include in your opinion the integration of all these novel technologies into modern working processes. By the way, several concrete examples are already available to be cited and further discussed. Considering the potentially involved productivity gains, corporation’s mobile applications are massively invading the industry related market. Effectively, nowadays, every industrialist would, and/or at least should, perform few professional processes on the appropriated device, i.e. the easier to manipulate and/or to reach one. Safenergy corporation focuses on challenges related to the mobility and the operational excellency. These challenges, potentially considerable as brakes regarding profitability, performance and services quality, could be still challenges but avoided as braking ones thanks to the digital transformation. Indeed, the digital transformation could make operational workers more efficient, this for several reasons illustrated later on. Firstly, the entire documentary system used onsite is available through the mobile application. Safenergy’s applications make the interactions between humans and machines more efficient. As an example, in order to train the operational workers, it is possible to use the creation process as a numeric model. It is also possible to use digital maintenance handbooks in order to guide operational workers step-by-step, this in a paper-based manuals replacement politics. On the other side, digital transformation tools such as smartphones and tablets could be used to gather useful data in order to upgrade the management and, by the way, the performance of actions taken onsite. These tools will allow to take pictures directly integrated to the database. These pictures will give a real plus in order to detect risks and defaults related to operational processes. Another important example is the increase of efficiency concerning the onsite inspection which involves an automatic reports edition process thanks to gathered data. Finally, the Safenergy solution additionally gives an analytical dashboard to gather and analyse users’ data. Thanks to a real-time visualization of human processes in industry, managers would be able to articulate the different processes more efficiently. Thus, advantages linked to digital transformation could be observed everywhere in industrial processes. It exists several arguments to the benefit of theses mobile apps:To facilitate and accelerate onsite missions,
To strengthen the security and the quality of onsite collected data,
To enhance the management easiness thanks to an upgraded vision on operational workers,
To optimize industrial processes,
To upgrade maintenance and inspection services thanks to analysis and onsite operational data gathering.
However, resistances against this digital transformation can be spotted. One of the main problem IT departments are facing, while they are trying to make easier on-mobility working, concerns the type of applications they have to develop and deploy. Indeed, one of the IT managers’ important tasks is to prioritize the corporation mobility, precisely concerning a mobile applications development proper strategy. Safenergy is positioned as a mobile applications generation platform, conferring by the way a real advantage regarding the mobile application deployment strategy. Indeed, customers have the possibility to deploy not only one application but as many as needed. Moreover, thanks to SaaS model base software such as Safenergy, it is possible to quickly and directly access to various and pre-configured applications. Thus, configuration and deployment costs, imposed by the digital transformation, are mediumly divided by 10. The digital transformation is definitely already rapidly and clearly ongoing. Stay competitive by digitalizing your corporation today! We are here to carry you alongside this transformation.

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