Mobile Apps Design studio

Now you can create your own professional mobile Apps with easy-to-use design tools that make your projects look as if you used an IT services company.

Design and create App architectures, digitize worksite documents, select advanced features, set-up project information and structures, link forms, questions and answers to your core business applications and references… 

Then deploy your Apps in the field.

Workers can access their business processes and operational documents in just five clicks!

They can work off-line and be fully productive for days without any connectivity.


No need to be a developer. No programming required. It only requires a few hours to become familiar with the design studio.



The Platform is easy to understand and its intuitive menus allow many configurations.


How much would a single App cost if you had to build it? Our solution provides any business with highly sophisticated, practically turnkey Apps.


Designing Apps with our Platform enables you to save at least 50% of the time and 50% of the resources when compared with traditional development methods.

Users & Teams

Manage and monitor your teams.


Access all dematerialized worksite documents and standard operating procedures 24/7.

Project Creator

Create and manage your projects.

Module Creator

Develop intuitive modules.

Create templates

Create as many templates as you wish for Apps and reports.


Divide your application into different modules adapted to the management of your projects.


Create and manage access rights to the modules you have just created.

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