Standard engineering structure

Example of collaborative Mobile app for worksite targeted for project managers, prime contractors and supervising offices.



1. Presentation of the App « Public Works – Underpass »


Construction of an 800 meters highway connection cut into      4 sections:

• Open gantry underpass section n°1

• Underpass           section n°2

• Overpass section n°3

• Overpass section n°4



Collaborative team about the mobile app “public works”

• Prime contractor

• Project manager

• Supervising office




2. A highly technical app

• Quickly dematerialise your industrial processes and documents

• An app for each phase and subphases of a GANTT planning

• Each phase as an app with his pictogram and corresponds to the execution steps

• 10 documents on the project and ramified in different modules

3. Immediate handling by your field operators

• An intuitive application and secure data

• The manager can visualise: inputs, action points,  and scheduling

• Being able to lead the project and adjust the actions to be performed according to the process

• The details of the contents and action points can be exported on EXCEL and treated with a management tool


Enter your contents on the field and directly visualise your web documents

Trigger your action points on your Mobile App et constitute your action plan on the web

4. Create your automatic report

• A progress report can be realised in a semi automatic way by operators

• Thanks to Safenergy you can carry out in real time a reporting

5. Configure your App in full autonomy

• Set and personalise your Mobile App to keep your expertise

• Create your highly technical Mobile App

• Big savings for a 100% configurable platform

Earn in productivity and performance thanks to Safenergy