Our team of web development experts assist you during each phase of development of your Mobile Applications.

Composed of specialists, it brings together a diversity of profiles and trades allowing a quick and effective understanding of your needs. An in-depth study of these allows us to design a tailor-made adaptive Mobile Applications.

We have a variety of project management tools, and together we choose the one that suits you best.

Our expertise and agility allows a continuous evolution of your project. We work with methodology such as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Lean Startup and Agile that are the guarantors of the respect of the specifications provided and therefore of the customer’s satisfaction. The projects carried out are digital but we place the user experience at the heart of our concerns: a follow-up and assistance are so assured.

Thanks to our IT Expertise, Safenergy Mobile Applications offers :


•  Computer, tablet and smartphone acces

•  Online of Offline

•  All field conditions


•  Shared workspace

•  Interaction between the project actors

•  Information sharing optimization


•  Expert support for your certifications and audits management


•  Expertise capitalisation

•  Field data centralisation

•  Proactivity

•  Reactivity

•  Standardisation

Time economy :

•  Real time feedback from the field

•  Precise analysis

•  Repports reliaibility

•  No tasks and data duplication