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  • Your Electronic Document Management systems are not very interactive and don’t allow you to communicate in real time with your remote staff?
  • You have no control over the Mobile Applications and Warning Systems offered by your insurance companies?
  • You’re looking for a strategic tool to maintain contact with your employees wherever they might be? Interact with them? Send out your own instructions? Launch action plans?

When faced with a public health or security crisis (pandemic, armed conflict, terrorist threat, riots, etc.), it is good strategy to have a high level of response covering all you activites throughout the world.

The current Coronavirus crisis shows that is vital to have efficient, consistent management of your employees’ health problems at all your sites, in France and overseas.

It is essential to maintain links to inform, communicate with, protect and orientate your employees, wherever they are.

Deploy your personnalized Crisis Management Mobile App
in a few clicks!

The Safenergy platform enables you to design and configure a bespoke Crisis Management Mobile App and then to deploy it in many different countries in only a few days.

Thanks to our many templates, pictogram libraries and sets of Health and Safety Golden Rules and to the support we provide with configuration, we make it possible to launch a Mobile Application for the prevention of health risks based on instructions from the authorities, your own instructions and your own emergency and risk-prevention plans.

SAFENERGY data analysis pictogram

Monitor specific performance indicators in real time

  • Monitor specific indicators and statistics on the use of each instruction and piece of information provided and on the answers to your questionnaires;
  • Generate reliable activity reports based on operational field data;
  • Control the flow of information in your organization.

SAFENERGY action plans pictogram

Lauch action plans

  • Our platform includes an agile system for sharing action plans on smartphones;
  • Manage priorities, organize and monitor action plans;
  • Send notifications, alerts, mission orders, etc.
SAFENERGY Biologic hazard pictogram

Covid-19 Information Point

  • Provide your employees with useful information about the Coronavirus;
  • Send your employees links to strategic informations from the WHO, governments, etc;
  • Check that your employees really have clicked on these links and read the information.

SAFENERGY change management pictogram

Your own safety rules and instructions

  • Send out your crisis team’s Instruction Package;
  • Send out Health and Safety instructions;
  • Make your employees aware of their responsibilities, see who has read, checked and signed the instructions, and when and where they did it.

SAFENERGY file pictogram

Emergency and risk-prevention plans

  • Provide plans for risk-prevention, emergencies and information display campaigns;
  • Monitor the concrete application of these plans in real time, in each subsidiary and each country;
  • Send out targeted lists of emergency telephone numbers (appropriate staff members, focal points, hospitals, clinics, etc.) approved by your organization in each region and each country.

SAFENERGY check pictogram

Evaluate the extent to which your employees are prepared

  • Ask your employees to assess themselves:
  • Are they aware of instructions relating to health, safety and emergencies?
  • Test their level of knowledge and preparedness;
  • Do they know how to identify symptoms?
  • Do they have their vaccination card, health records, passport, and “Expatriate Safety booklet” with them at all times?

SAFENERGY crisis team pictogram

Facilitate feedback to the crisis team

  • Encourage employees to send strategic information to your crisis team (Have they recently spent time in a danger zone? Have they obtained authorization to travel? etc.);
  • Encourage them to take concrete steps (Have they displayed the required information in their subsidiary? etc.);
  • Obtain useful information held by your employees in the areas where they work (Have they identified danger areas? Areas of propagation?).
SAFENERGY hygiene pictogram

Facilitate access to Golden Rules for
Health and Safety (10 interactive icons)

  • Give your employees simple rules and inform them of best practice for health and safety;
  • Configure your own Golden Rule systems from our library of icons;
  • Adapt the Golden Rules to the prevailing conditions (epidemic, conflict, risk of riots, etc.).



Request our template to speed up the deployment of your Risk Management Application to your remote employees.

Every element of this template is completely modifiable and can be adapted to your specific needs.


  • Add your incons, modify titles and labels, modify the design;
  • Digitize forms and questionnaires;
  • Send out instructions, procedures, forms and questionnaires in order that they are available to, and useable by employees in remote situations;
  • Interact directly with your employees and lauch action plans;
  • … and lots more besides.

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