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With your mobile Covid-19 BCP App, your Business Continuity Plan can become effective…


… in ONE day. It really is possible!

What are the objectives of a mobile BCP App?

  • To guarantee your employees’ health and safety,
  • To ensure that your worksites continue to function,
  • To provide precise, qualified, real-time field data,
  • To provide a closer view of operations,
  • To anticipate restarting of operations,
  • To be better prepared.

During a crisis, when operations may be paralyzed, a mobile BCP or Coronavirus Crisis Management App will help you efficiently maintain your activities. It will also enable you to quickly increase your employees’ awareness of the situation and offer relevant training throughout your organization, both in France and abroad.

You need to make your workforce as safe as possible and ensure reactive implementation of your Business Continuity Plan. You will be able to encourage your employees to adopt new behaviors by training them to new standards in a simple, intuitive manner.

SAFENERGY Mobile App pca visual

Our experience at your service.

Safenergy’s mobile system is designed to help big, relatively untrained teams achieve higher standards of safety and enterprise culture in only a few days. The system has already proved its effectiveness many times, particularly in the construction industry.

Safenergy’s team has a great deal of expertise in crisis management. Founder Pierre Fourcade has contributed to the continuity of complex industrial operations in various countries during major crises.

With powerful Quality concepts (PDCA, Pareto, Reason, 7M, Bow-tie) integrated into the heart of the system and being designed for practical use with no training, Safenergy’s COVID-19 BCP App has been specifically developed to ensure rapid modification of habits and behaviors and acquisition of a safety culture.

Inform, train and empower your employees.

Our turnkey module is based on hygiene rules and COVID-19 safety recommendations.

This tool will make your employees better aware of the problems and of their responsibilities. Learning of each rule can be planned.

All parameters can be instantly modified to conform to changing rules and needs. You supply content and design (pictograms, corporate design standards…): we do the rest.

Your Mobile BCP App in one day?

It really is possible.

The App is used to:

  • Promote safety,
  • Check that each rule has been learned (and obtain a signature on a smartphone),
  • Monitor progress with learning against a pre-established schedule,
  • Obtain precise management and monitoring indicators grouped by subsidiary, worksite, team or individual.

Our safety culture module can obviously be expanded to include much more advanced training modules:

  • Quizzes to evaluate the assimilation of knowledge,
  • Suitable operating methods and procedures,
  • Presentation of, and training on, specific topics,
  • Continuous evaluation of resources and methods,
  • Research into the causes of incidents, etc.

Make sure that job safety and risk analyses are conducted BEFORE starting work

Using our job safety analysis module, your employees complete a mini-checklist before starting work. Operations and situations identified by your crisis team as being subject to a COVID-19-related risk are thus rendered safe.

At the very least, the App makes sure that your employees ask themselves the right questions before starting work:

  • Have I got the right PPE?
  • Have the usual risks (working at height, lifting…) been eliminated?
  • Have the additional COVID-19-related risks been eliminated?
  • Have risks of personal proximity been eliminated?
  • Can I work while remaining 1m or 1.5m from other individuals?
  • Do I need a permit to work?
  • Do I have my own tools?
  • If not, do I have gloves to use tools?

In just a few minutes, risks are identified and eliminated.

As a last resort, your employees can stop work if they consider the situation to be unsafe. They can then take suitable action from their smartphones: send an alert, call a supervisor, trigger an action plan or declare a shutdown or a loss of time relating to the current task.

This module is supplied ready for use. It can be modified, adapted or redesigned according to your needs. You can also duplicate this module and modify it as often as necessary for each operation identified as being subject to a COVID-19-related risk. This unique degree of precision will make your worksites safer.

Instant reporting of alerts, shutdowns, blockages, nonconformities and damage.


Launch action plans from your Mobile BCP App

You need to know what’s happening in the field. Where are the COVID-19-related safety problems? Why have your employees had to stop work? Why are you losing time?

You would also like to alert your clients and produce mutually agreed statements and photographic reports.

Finally, you would like to launch effective action plans immediately, thus dealing with nonconformities as quickly as possible and ensuring that work restarts quickly.

Our COVID-19 App enables you to instantly send 100%-qualified alerts and to produce precise management information, worksite by worksite.

Types of alert:

  • Dangerous conditions due to COVID-19
  • Lack of human resources
  • Lack of technical resources
  • Organizational problems
  • Access refused
  • Damage, theft
  • Lack of COVID 19-specific PPE (gloves, masks)
  • Opposition from client
  • Failure by a service-provider
  • If you need different alerts, we will configure them for you very quickly.

    You can modify this module as much as you wish, simplifying the response criteria or making them more detailed depending on the degree of precision required.

    You can also duplicate this module and adapt it to different jobs, for example a simple module for operators, a more advanced module for operations managers.

    Contact us!

    And, if necessary, we’ll help you with the COMPLETE digitization of your Business Continuity Plan

    Do you want to enhance your Covid-19 BCP App?

    Did you know that you can set up a 100%-mobile Covid-19 Safety Management System?

    Modify our module and speed up the bespoke deployment of your own App using our library of operational modules:

    • Training courses, operating methods and procedures,
    • COVID-19 site visit, feedback on COVID-19-related nonconformities and problems,
    • COVID-19 audits,
    • Permit to work systems – COVID-19 Permit to Work,
    • COVID-19 Incident Report
    • COVID-19-related Management of Change

    At the functional level:

    • Add your own icons, modify titles and labels, modify the design,
    • Digitize forms and questionnaires,
    • Add files, including PDFs, images, instructions and questionnaires,
    • Interact directly with your employees and launch action plans…
    • … and much more.



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