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Safenergy App Builder is the first plug-in that fits your IT systems and delivers mobile services for operational activities performed by any worker on an industrial site or while on the move. Safenergy’s Platform provides on-demand Mobile Apps for your industrial projects.

We provide advanced offline capabilities and allow quick configuration of highly intuitive technical Mobile Apps that meet the needs of various types of workers and cover all worksite activities.


Employees can do their job without any connectivity requirements and from any location. The very user-friendly, intuitive Apps help them to complete all their business tasks much more efficiently, thus boosting productivity. They can share information with other employees in real time and conduct regular field checks and work routines.

The Apps interact with all your backend source applications enabling workers in the field to receive work or mission orders from CMM-Systems (SAP) or from a GANTT Project.

Our Platform delivers the right Apps to the right people at the right time with a unique level of accuracy and performance.


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Too many mobile apps on sites, multiple login/pswd or multiple synchronization processes can dramatically reduce workers efficiency

Too many heterogeneous IT systems to maintain can heavily increase IT costs

Time needed to design, code and deploy your Mobile Apps can strongly increase lead time

Field data stored in multiple locations & systems heavily reduce data consolidation possibilities

Let’s meet the challenge of increased mobility

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“As part of Razel-Bec’s digitization process, we have developed a QHSE decision support tool based on the Safenergy platform. Safenergy enabled us to configure and deploy a Mobile Application that facilitates worksite visits, feedback of observations about both dangerous situations and good practices and the running of QSE awareness workshops. Their approach to industrial mobility and their innovative solution provides an efficient method of configuring the application that is in accordance with our approach to risk, taking account of the organization of the company and the diversity of our activities. The modularity of the Safenergy mobile solution enables us to cover a great variety of situations and provides the opportunity for a very wide range of complementary developments. This approach reduces data input time and accelerates data acquisition and consolidation, thus making us more efficient in QSE risk prevention.”

Daniel Soldini

“The system is extremely user friendly and implementation was very quick. Safenergy allows Qualitas to meet its responsibilities in safety leadership, standardization of safety practices, accident prevention, and ability to monitor the activities of the HSE team at any location on a 24/7 basis. Safenergy provides a trustworthy and reliable solution.”

Ameet Rao
CEO, Qualitas International Inc

“I found that Safenergy was a tool to help spot developing trends in both HSE and Quality terms which is of real benefit for the successful completion of the project. It stopped one of the most common issues of team members keeping multiple databases and at times not having the most up to date versions of project documentation.”

John Mauger
Project Manager, TOTAL EP KRI

“Safenergy’s Platform is clearly interesting for the remote management of operations on sites where safety concerns prevent us from sending our expatriates. This is also a good solution to systematize and standardize reporting and obtain a full, real-time picture of what is, and is not, being done.”

Jean-Baptiste Chavildran
Project Supervisor, CGG


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